Informative videos about the Zimmer Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini skin cooling devices.

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Cryo Videos

Cryo Service - What To Expect & How To Get Help

Cooling the Skin at -30 ° C

The New 'Virtually Painless' Concept LIVE

Invisible Ink Takes the "oo" Out of Tattoo

Dr. Pearl Yee: Z Cryo After 10 Years of Usage

Arctic Blast Cryo - Facial Cold Therapy Treatment

Arctic Blast Cryo - Spot Cooling Therapy Demo

Nurse Jamie: Facial Cryo Cupping

Renaissance MD: Z Cryo & SculpSure (Submental)

Phoenix Tattoo Removal: Laser Tattoo Removal

Lux – A Medical Spa - Zimmer “Chillers” w/ Sciton to Reduce Discomfort, Numbing & Wait

IPL With Zimmer Cryo - Dr. Laurence Miller Patient: “I Don’t Feel Any Pain.”

Dr. Lee B. Daniel Patient: Zimmer Cryo Makes “Laser Services So Much More Tolerable!”

Disappearing inc Tattoo Removal Uses Zimmer Cryo Therapy For Pain Minimization

Rochester Tattoo Removal Names Zimmer Cryo “#1 Skin Numbing Solution for Patients”

Specialized Therapeutic Massage with Zimmer Cryotherapy for Pain & Health Management

Erasable Inc. Reviews the Utility of their Cryo 6: It's the “Most Used Device” in the Practice

After MicroLaserPeel, Lily Med Spa Cools the Skin with Zimmer CryoTherapy

Have Cryo Videos?

Zimmer Aesthetic Cryo VideosZimmer Aethetic Division is always looking for great testimonial and demo materials for our Z Wave and Cryo devices.  If you are a practitioner who has filmed a treatment or procedure in which the utility and effectiveness of the Z Wave, Cryo 6, Cryo Mini or Cryo 5 have been demonstrated, please contact us.  Do you have original Cryo videos? We would love to receive a copy of the video or a link to your video to share on our social media and/or on our website!  We love hearing success stories about our products from experts in the field.