Informative videos about the Zimmer Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini skin cooling devices.

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Cryo Videos

Cryo Service - What To Expect & How To Get Help

Cooling the Skin at -30 ° C

The New 'Virtually Painless' Concept LIVE

Invisible Ink Takes the "oo" Out of Tattoo

Dr. Pearl Yee: Z Cryo After 10 Years of Usage

Arctic Blast Cryo - Facial Cold Therapy Treatment

Arctic Blast Cryo - Spot Cooling Therapy Demo

Nurse Jamie: Facial Cryo Cupping

Renaissance MD: Z Cryo & SculpSure (Submental)

Phoenix Tattoo Removal: Laser Tattoo Removal

Lux – A Medical Spa - Zimmer “Chillers” w/ Sciton to Reduce Discomfort, Numbing & Wait

IPL With Zimmer Cryo - Dr. Laurence Miller Patient: “I Don’t Feel Any Pain.”

Dr. Lee B. Daniel Patient: Zimmer Cryo Makes “Laser Services So Much More Tolerable!”

Disappearing inc Tattoo Removal Uses Zimmer Cryo Therapy For Pain Minimization

Rochester Tattoo Removal Names Zimmer Cryo “#1 Skin Numbing Solution for Patients”

Specialized Therapeutic Massage with Zimmer Cryotherapy for Pain & Health Management

Erasable Inc. Reviews the Utility of their Cryo 6: It's the “Most Used Device” in the Practice

After MicroLaserPeel, Lily Med Spa Cools the Skin with Zimmer CryoTherapy

Cryo Maintenance Webinar w/Jeff Lyons 6-9-2018

Have Cryo Videos?

Zimmer Aesthetic Cryo VideosZimmer Aethetic Division is always looking for great testimonial and demo materials for our Z Wave and Cryo devices.  If you are a practitioner who has filmed a treatment or procedure in which the utility and effectiveness of the Z Wave, Cryo 6, Cryo Mini or Cryo 5 have been demonstrated, please contact us.  Do you have original Cryo videos? We would love to receive a copy of the video or a link to your video to share on our social media and/or on our website!  We love hearing success stories about our products from experts in the field.