Quick, easy application means satisfied patients

With the Cryo Mini, Zimmer MedizinSystems offers this compact, flexible option for short and less painful treatments. The skin cooling system can provide temporary relief from cosmetic injections. Likewise, the application of cold air during laser treatments can lead to a distinct reduction in pain and may reduce thermal tissue damage. Whether Laser, IPL applications or injections, cold air is designed to effectively reduce pain. As a result, treatments can be tolerated significantly better.


Articulating Arm


Available for your Cryo Mini is an optional articulating arm. The articulating arm gives gentle support to the hose, allowing hands-free operation for the practitioner. The same immediate relief begins for the patient when you position the articulating arm over the treatment area and press start.

Easy Maintenance


Maintenance is easy!  Just vacuum the air filter (don’t remove) and empty the condensation collector once a week. The Cryo Mini chiller unit performs additional self-maintenance every time you power it on with an automatic self-test of operational components.

Plexiglas Top Platform


The Cryo Mini flat Plexiglas top platform provides a convenient location for an IPL system, smoke evacuator, laser, or storage for other items. Handy shelving right where you need it during procedures!

Control Panel


The clear LCD display and ergonomically designed touch keypad represents the latest technological development. A large display clearly indicates all treatment parameters. By the push of a button, the operator can easily change the 9-speed therapy fan, adjust the treatment time, and start and stop the Cryo Mini unit.

Cryo Mini Hose


The Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo Mini has a lightweight treatment hose that measures around 6 feet in length. This treatment tube allows the cold air to be delivered from the CryoCooler to the treatment site. A focusing tip can be connected to the end of the hose to provide more specific cooling to a smaller targeted area.

Compact, Portable, Convenient


This lower capacity, more compact chiller device is ideal for smaller treatment rooms.  The unit is lighter than the Cryo 6 and is very easy to transport when needed.  The handy custom designed Plexiglas top, hands-free operation, 9 speed fan, lightweight treatment hose and easy maintenance combine to provide the ultimate in convenience and control for practitioners.

*Cryo device may be shown on this page with optional Articulating Arm.


Delivers Cold Air Down To -10°C Power Supply 120 V / 50-60 Hz Max. Power Consumption During Therapy 1 KW Standby-Mode 100 W/h Cooling Duration Short Term Plexiglas Top

Treatment Hose Length 6 ft. Housing Dimensions H 25″ / W 13″ / L 23″ Weight 75 lbs. Cooling Fans 9 levels, ~ 1300l / min Device Class EN 60601-1 I, Type B MDD / MPG Class IIa Limited 1 Year Warranty


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