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Z Wave Radial Pulse Technology for the Treatment of Cellulite: An Entry into Aesthetics

This article was published in the June, 2020 issue of The Dermatologist (Volume 28, Issue 6).


Radial pulse technology (RPT) has been used for many years in the treatment of soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis, fasciitis, and panniculitis. During the treatment of women’s soft tissue injuries of the upper leg, improvement in the appearance of cellulite was a pleasant side effect, and thus RPT began its broad use in the field of aesthetic medicine. In addition to cellulite, RPT has been used more recently to treat injuries, side effects, and complications after aesthetic procedures such as noninvasive lipolysis, surgical liposuction, capsular contractures, and abdominoplasty. For these conditions and their side effects, reports show quicker, easier recovery and even improved outcome.

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