Z Wave Pro - How It Works

Wave & Cryolipolysis – Enhanced Results

Thanks to Z Wave, it is possible to significantly enhance body contouring results with CryolipolysisTM and RF treatments.

Various studies have shown its effectiveness with body contouring treatments.





Medical Studies

Numerous papers and articles have been published about the treatment success with Z Wave. Below is a selection of titles. Many of these studies require subscriptions to view and/or are copyright protected. Zimmer is not able to republish them for the public.  However, we would be happy to share all of the details of these studies with you. For more information, please contact us.

Application Range

Cellulite Treatment and Enhanced Body Shaping

Wave is used as a “stand-alone” application or in combination with body contouring treatments. As a “stand-alone” application, the focus is on improving the appearance of cellulite.

Patient-friendly Application

Radial Pulse Technology has the following advantages:

  • gentle, painless and quick treatments
  • no disposables
  • no down time
  • non-invasive treatment
  • visible results
  • versatile
  • easy to operate
  • superior alternative to hand massage post body sculpting
  • consistently reproducible results

Hand Piece Characteristics

  • efficient energy transfer from hand piece to deep tissue structures up to 35 mm
  • treatment is comfortable for both patient and technician
  • hand piece is controlled via foot switch
  • each Z Wave Pro comes with 2 hand pieces and is ready for use any time
  • each hand piece is warranted for 2,000,000 pulses. The two hand pieces should yield approximately 1,600 application zones
  • enhanced patient comfort due to longer rise time (pulse width) without the need for unpleasant high peak energy

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Is the Z Wave treatment painful?

No, quite the contrary. Many patients comment that the Z Wave treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

How many treatments will I need?

For cellulite treatment: Visible changes may be seen as soon as during your second week of treatment. Your skin will get smoother and noticeably firmer. Recommended treatment is a minimum of 10 sessions within a 3-4 week period. The number of treatments you need may depend on the severity of your cellulite.

For enhanced body contouring: It depends on your specific condition. For example, Z Wave after Cryolipolysis® typically requires only one treatment, instead of massage. The Z Wave treatment takes about 4 minutes per treated area.

What kind of results can I expect?

For cellulite treatment: At a minimum, an improvement of one grade of cellulite. (E.g., improvement from Grade 3 to Grade 2.)

For enhanced body contouring: Z Wave will enhance the experience and outcome of your contouring procedure.

How long will the effects of my Z Wave treatment last for the treatment of cellulite?

Z Wave practitioners have reported that the effects have lasted a year or more.

What are the advantages of Z Wave?

For cellulite treatment: Z Wave is an effective treatment for cellulite that is gentle, quick, and noninvasive with no down time for the patient.

For enhanced body contouring: Z Wave is an effective treatment to enhance body contouring results, can shorten recovery time and minimize the occurrence of side effects.

How does Z Wave compare to hand massage after a body contouring procedure?

Z Wave lends consistent therapy for the entire treatment, removing the subjectivity of hand massage.


  • Technology Electro-magnetically generated Radial Pulse Technology, 1-22 Hz, 60-185mJ
  • Programs 3 recommended application presets
  • Controller 12” color touch screen for all software operations. Full range control for energy and frequency. Foot switch control for hand piece.

  • Memory and Update SD card for custom programs by user/error log/firmware updates
  • Voltage 110 volts, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions & Weight L 20.5” / W 21” / H 54.5” Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Warranty 2 years of limited warranty on system; 2,000,000 pulses on each hand piece

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