Wave — Visible Results

High energy Radial Pulse Technology consists of two different parts. The parts are the positive pressure pulses and also a comparatively small tensile wave component.

High energy pulses squeeze the surrounding tissue and break the grid structure of the molecules. The tensile wave leads to a collapse of gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation). They re-expand after the pulses, ensuring that the fat structures are destabilized.


Tissue Penetration Efficiency

Using a 39mm applicator head, the Z Wave transmits direct, high precision radial pulses into the tissue. Studies have shown that the introduction of the mechanical pressure wave triggers tissue reactions, having beneficial effects on the skin structure.

Z WavePro Visible Results

Pictures are a good way to see the results of the Z Wave Pro.  A live product demonstration is a great way to experience how the Z Wave Pro feels!  Please contact us today and tell us a little about yourself.  We’d love to meet with you for a no obligation demo.  Get a feel for how the device feels in your hands, as well as how it feels for patients.  “Catch the Z Wave“!