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Acoustic Shockwave Reduces Qwo Side Effects

This article was published in the October 27, 2021 issue of Aesthetic Insights. 


Radial sound-wave technology (RSWT), sometimes known as acoustic shockwave, first came to the medical field to treat soft tissue injuries like fasciitis, tendonitis, and panniculitis. In time, practitioners realized that it could also help reduce patient recovery time and, sometimes, improve outcomes after surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. ZWave (Zimmer MedizinSystems, Irvine, Calif.), a premier RSWT system, is catching on with practitioners to reduce the excessive bruising following Qwo (Endo Aesthetics, Malvern, Penn.) injectable treatment for cellulite reduction. “We found that bruising diminished and that its duration decreased on average 50%, to seven days.”

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