Z Wave  In The Press

Versatile Acoustic Shockwave Device Delivers Enhanced Results

This article was published in the June 27, 2023 issue of Aesthetic Insights.


This 2-page article highlights the efficacy of Z Wave by Zimmer MedizinSystems, a radial pulse shockwave therapy device used in aesthetic procedures. Dr. Brian Biesman, an oculofacial plastic surgeon, speaks highly of Z Wave, stating, “Z Wave really is very successful in our practice, and became a standard of care. We no longer give our CoolSculpting patients the option, we just include it as part of our standard treatment.” Dr. Biesman praises the device’s success and the meaningful difference it makes., particularly in conjunction with CoolSculpting treatments and in addressing cellulite and erectile dysfunction. “I think that both cellulite and erectile dysfunction are actually very strong applications for the Z Wave technology.” Dr. Biesman emphasizes the versatility, safety, and effectiveness of Z Wave, describing it as an invaluable tool supported by ample clinical experience.

Have Clinical Experience With Z Wave?

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