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Z Wave Webinars

Z Wave Webinar 6-22-2017
Dr. Ross S. Kaplan &
Dr. J.D. McCoy

Z Wave Webinar 10-19-2017
Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki &
Dr. Steven F. Weiner

Z Wave Webinar 6-19-2018 - Nurse Tammy Holton - Clinical Applications of Z Wave Post Cryolipolysis & for Cellulite

Webinar 10-25-2018
Dr. Marc J. Salzman
Z Wave Utility in a Cosmetic Medicine Practice

Podiatry - Sports Medicine Webinar 11-29-2018 Dr. Brian Fullem
Benefits of Radial Shockwave Therapy

Webinar 5-2-2019
Dr. Rakesh Nanda - Combination Therapy:
Z Wave & Aesthetic Devices