Zimmer MedizinSystems Z Wave Treatment Log

“Catch the Z Wave!” With Radial Pulse Technology

Practitioners using the Z Wave device for the treatment of cellulite may download this Informed Consent form to provide to patients. The form provides information to the patient about treatment with the Z Wave device.  Space is also available on form to fill out treatment site, date treatment is performed, client signature, etc…


Z Wave by Zimmer MedizinSystems – Radial Pulse Technology 

The Zimmer MedizinSystems Z Wave constitutes the latest development in the treatment of cellulite. It uses soft pulse technology to enhance patient comfort. Z Wave delivers mild, consistent sound wave therapy to the treatment area over a series of treatment sessions. The Z Wave is FDA cleared for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Typical patient treatment time is 3-4 minutes per body zone. Patients may notice visible results after only 2-3 sessions. You may also use the Z Wave as an adjunct in Cryolipolysis™ treatments to enhance body contouring results.