Cryo  In The Press:
Increase Patient Comfort and Results with the Latest Innovation in Cryotherapy

This article was published in the July/August, 2023 issue of The Aesthetic Guide.

See why practitioners deem Zimmer MedizinSystems as the “gold standard” in cryotherapy. Read the article in the July/Aug issue of TAG.

Leeon Jeffs, VP of Simplicity Laser, attests, “We have approximately 70 Cryo 6 units and five Cryo 7 devices in our fleet… Our clients love the increased comfort that these devices provide. Rather than getting a spray only when the laser is pulsed, the Cryo devices blow on the client’s skin continuously to prepare it for the laser pulse and provide relief afterwards.”

Aesthetic surgeon, Dr. James Chelnis, of Manhattan Face and Eye, emphasizes the superior treatment outcomes achievable with the Cryo 7, “Patients are more comfortable, and I can actually dial up my lasers to produce better treatments with less worry about thermal injury to the tissue… It is incredible to think I can do more, and the risks and recovery are still reduced when I use the Cryo 7.”

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