Clinical / Treatment Videos on the Zimmer MedizinSystems Z Wave family of devices.
Z Wave, Z Wave Pro, Z Wave Q

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Clinical / Treatment Z Wave Videos

Z Wave Pro after Cryolipolysis™

Buttocks Treatment - Z Wave for Cellulite

Abdomen Treatment - Z Wave for Cellulite

Thigh Treatment - Z Wave for Cellulite

Arm Treatment
- Z Wave for Cellulite

Patient Tx: Dr. Pilest Reports Tremendous Improvement w/ Z Wave after CoolSculpting

Dr. Sarah Sawyer: "Since we've incorporated Z Wave with our other procedures, our results have really skyrocketed."

Dr. Steven Weiner Demo:
Z Wave After Sculptra “Butt Lift” to Even, Smooth and Enhance Results

Gold Skin Care Center Offering Speedy, Effective Z Wave Cellulite Treatments over Gym Pants

Z Wave for Capsular Contracture Post Breast Augmentation - Salzman Cosmetic Surgery & Spa

Dr. Hubbell Demo - How He Enhances CoolSculpting® Results with Z Wave

Dr. Merrick Elias Discusses & Demos a Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Petropoulos Receives Z Wave Pro Cellulite Treatment & Discusses "Comfortable" Treatment

Have Z Wave Videos?

Zimmer Aesthetic Z Wave VideosZimmer MedizinSystems Aesthetic Division is always looking for great testimonial and demo materials for our Z Wave and Cryo devices.  If you are a practitioner who has filmed a treatment or procedure in which the utility and effectiveness of the Z Wave, Cryo 6, Cryo Mini or Cryo 5 have been demonstrated, please contact us.  Do you have original Z Wave videos? We would love to receive a copy of the video or a link to your video to share on our social media and/or on our website!  We love hearing success stories about our products from experts in the field.