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Z Wave (RSWT) Treatment for QWO® Side Effects and Increased Efficacy

by China Battista, NP

Zimmer MedizinSystems White Paper Series – Volume 6

Nurse Practitioner, China Battista, wrote about her experience treating with Z Wave, the non-invasive Radial Soundwave technology (RSWT), sometimes known as shockwave technology. She added Z Wave to her QWO treatment regimen for cellulite. Z Wave significantly diminished bruising, decreased bruising time, helped resolve nodules & enhanced the results from using QWO alone.

Excerpt: Adding Z Wave to the QWO recovery not only resulted in decreased bruising time, but it also helped resolve the nodules that often occur and resulted in a very smooth overall appearance post-treatment, enhancing the results from using QWO alone. Due to the increased expense of adding Z Wave, I first offered the additional Z Wave treatment as an option. However, due to my patients’ improved experience and results, I no longer offer it as an option; it is now an integral part of my QWO regimen.


The full article can be read in the PDF above.

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