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Treating Capsular Contracture and Cellulite with Z Wave

by Anna Buinewicz, M.D.

Zimmer MedizinSystems White Paper Series – Volume 3

Dr. Anna Buinewicz authored this article about her experience treating with non-invasive Z Wave Radial Pulse Technology for cellulite and to soften capsular contractures that resulted from breast enhancement surgery.

Excerpt 1: While some physicians have experimented with combining Z Wave and other modalities for cellulite, we have not felt the need to, given the excellent outcomes we see with Z Wave alone. Patient satisfaction exceeds 75%. For cellulite, this is quite impressive, especially for a non-invasive therapy that it is so difficult to otherwise effectively treat, and where patient expectations are more difficult to manage.

Excerpt 2: Improvement of capsular contracture is dramatic for patients who were hoping for a better, softer breast enhancement result when they elected to undergo surgery. While the desired result takes time and repeated treatment to fully realize, patients report feeling significant release of tension or tightness after a single treatment. When combined with this safe and comfortable pain-free treatment experience, it promotes compliance and return for more sessions.

Dr. Buinewicz’s full article can be read in the PDF above.

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