Zimmer Aesthetic Division –  Z Wave Medical Study

Arbutus Laser Centre Chronicles Their Study of
Z Wave After CoolSculpting®

Jen Wasilenchuk, Body Contouring Technician and Study Coordinator at Arbutus Laser Center, recounted her history with manual massage vs. Z Wave after Cryolipolysis®. The story begins eight years ago, when she was discovering the benefits of massage therapy after treatments with CoolSculpting®. But, as Wasilenchuk explains, manual massages can differ in strength, technique and duration between practitioners, contributing to inconsistent results. When she began integrating Zimmer MedizinSystems’ Z Wave with Radial Pulse Therapy, Wasilenchuk found that using the technology after CoolSculpting led to improved results and faster recovery. She writes, “8 out 10 patients saw their results more quickly and found that the Z Wave side recovered faster than the manual massage side.”  Jen Wasilenchuk’s Z Wave story can be read in full, in the PDF above.

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